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If everyone baked more we would be a happier people.

In the middle of a small town in the Colorado Rockies, the decadent smell of cookies wafts through the trees. A timer beeps disturbing the silence, and a young woman named Katrina pulls a tray of cookies out of the oven with a satisfied smile. She stood there smiling, but then a frown began to form as she realized that not all were as blessed as her. There were many who didn’t have the knowledge of baking, and though they may not know it, they were missing out on something very great. This saddened the young woman greatly, and she decided to something about it. After much thinking, and lots and lots of research, she decided to create a site designed to share her love and passion for baking. Thus Rocky Mountain Baking was formed.


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We are not responsible for any illness caused by under cooking, improper food storage, etc. All tips and recipes are to be used with common sense and willpower. Any weight gain, cravings, or illness caused by overeating is the fork’s fault not ours.

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