“When you learn to change your expectations you are opening yourself to a whole, new wonderful world”

The First Rule to Low Carb Baking

  If you grew up learning to bake with flour and sugar like I did, gluten free can seem like a huge challenge. Trying to get those cakes or cookies to come out like I was used to swiftly proved to be impossible, and I was immediately disappointed. 

  “What is the point in even trying to make a low carb version of a cookie?” I thought to myself. It wasn’t going to come out even close to the same as what I was used to.

  Then it hit me. That was the problem. I was trying to mimic something that I couldn’t even use the key components of. I was expecting to create something that tasted and felt like flour and sugar without the flour or the sugar. I had just discovered the first rule to low carb baking.

  Change your expectations.

  For those of you who read that as, “Lower your expectations.” I ask you read it again. 

  Changing your expectations for your baked goods does not mean you are getting an inferior product, it’s just a different product. Sure, I’ll admit I miss the chewy texture of a good flour and sugar filled cookie, but the soft cake like texture of my favorite Low Carb Snickerdoodle is just as tasty without all the side effects those two ingredients cause.

  Once I came to the realization my desserts would have new, yet still tasty textures it changed the way I thought about my desserts. I quit comparing them to what I was used to and embraced the new textures. I now welcome my new low carb flours, and experiment to see just what textures they can create.


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